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Innovation, Professional, Sophisticated, Integrity.

Innovation means product innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation, cultural innovation, management innovation and so on. The continuous introduction of new products, the continuous development of the market, the continuous introduction of new technology, the penetration of corporate culture, the continuous practice of new thinking management, so that we in the past eight years, sustained and healthy and rapid development, and achieved very good results. "Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, the quality is our life", we use practical action continue to practice this simple philosophy.

We are "car reversing radar professional supplier", from product R & D design, product process production, to the product outsourcing sales are all reflect the professional focus. Because of the "professional", we chose the customers and suppliers, the same, they also chose us. Only focus, professional, to thrive.

Excellence in continuous improvement, the company has today's achievements, and the efforts of various departments are closely related to the staff in the positions are not familiar with the proficient, step by step, and gradually grow into the company can rely on the cornerstone. 1% progress per day, which is all of our employees every day to do serious things today better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today.

  Honesty is the cornerstone of enterprise development. As the company's employees, most of the professionalism, everything to be better; as a colleague, Yichengxiangdai; we and suppliers to establish long-term supply relationship; and customers to establish long-term cooperation. Only integrity can be long. "CISBO" brand building, it is in the minds of customers set a high quality, the concept of integrity, it became a reversing radar market, a well-known brands.